The Start Of LilTot Edit

The LilTot community was created in late December 2016. It was created by "Cutesy" for age regressors who didn't want to be afraid of getting harassed by "anti" blogs they accidently interact with. There lack of strict rules caused major drama to erupt between them & other communities.

DNI Banners Edit

Since the creator allows members of the community to interact with whoever they want - it's made some communities uncomfortable. This causes LilTot to pop up on a lot of DNI banners.

The Creator Edit

Cutesy is the creator of the LilTot community! She age regresses because of trauma. She was formerly in cglre until creating LilTot. She does not mind kinksters interacting with her despite her being a csa survivor.

Rules Edit

● Basic Rules:

• Fill out an application

[ This application is for organization purposes. There is no “acceptance” process ]

• The blog you use to interact with the community (post with tags, message other tots etc.) needs to be safe for work (however we dont make a big deal out of cursing.)

• Follow @liltotblocklist so we can keep the tags clean. Most people on the blocklist  simply don’t want our interaction

• Do not be mean. If someone interacts with  you that you don’t want to, ask them nicely to stop. If they do not listen: screenshot the incident, block them and send the pictures and blog url to the blocklist.

● Crosstagging rules:

• Please do not crosstag communities with the word “dom” in its name. Even if it’s sfw. We respect adults who feel comfortable in that community but minors shouldn’t be exposed to tags that are heavily used by k!nksters.

[Sfw cgl is okay since it is mostly used by regressors]

• You may crosstag with age regression communities that allow it.

DNI rules:

• Respect any communities DNI rules

• Respect any Tots DNI rules. Since we allow Dual Community labels, some tots may be uncomfortable with another community you belong to. Please respect that.

● Dual Communities and K!nksters

• If you’re part of the “agepl@y” or any other k!nk community - please understand that this is a non-sexual space. If you have a non-sexual headspace then that is separate from your sexual desires.

• You’re allowed in this community only if you have a distinct separation between your regression and your sex life.

• If you’re in LilTot then you can be in as many communities as you want (just make sure the other communities allow it.)